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Gale: The Ultimate Guide for Brawl Stars Players

Brawl Stars Gale Guide: How to Master the Chromatic Brawler


Brawl Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer game that features various characters called Brawlers, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. One of the newest additions to the game is Gale, a grumpy old handyman who works at Mr. P's hotel. He uses his snow blaster to shoot waves of snowballs at his enemies, while his Super pushes them back with a powerful gust of wind. He also has two Gadgets and two Star Powers that enhance his utility and control.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to play Gale, one of the most versatile and fun Brawlers in the game. We will cover his stats and abilities, his strengths and weaknesses, his best game modes and maps, his best teammates and counters, and some tips and tricks on how to use him effectively. By the end of this article, you will be able to master Gale and dominate your opponents with his snow blower.

brawl stars gale


Gale's Stats and Abilities

Main Attack: Polar Vortex

Gale's main attack is called Polar Vortex, which fires six long-ranged snowballs in a wide line, each dealing low damage. The snowballs are fired next to each other and have a spread, which makes it easier for Gale to hit multiple enemies or sweep bushes. However, this also means that he can't deal maximum damage at point-blank range, unlike some other Brawlers who shoot multiple projectiles at once.

Super: Gale Force!

Gale's Super is called Gale Force!, which creates a long-ranged gust of wind and snow that passes through obstacles. It pushes away enemies it hits to a maximum of 8.33 tiles and slightly damages them. This Super is very useful for controlling the map, disrupting enemy formations, knocking back enemies into hazards or traps, or creating space for yourself or your teammates.

Gadgets: Spring Ejector and Twister

Gale has two Gadgets that he can use to enhance his mobility or control. His first Gadget is Spring Ejector, which spawns a launch pad beneath himself that can launch any target in the direction he is facing. The launch pad can be hidden in bushes and has an indefinite duration, unless it is destroyed by an enemy or replaced by another launch pad. The launch pad can be used to jump over walls, escape from danger, surprise enemies, or help teammates reach certain areas.

His second Gadget is Twister, which creates a tornado that prevents enemies from passing through it. The tornado lasts for 4 seconds and has a radius of 1 tile. The tornado can be used to block enemy paths, protect objectives, or create choke points.

Star Powers: Blustery Blow and Freezing Snow

Gale has two Star Powers that he can use to enhance his Super or main attack. His first Star Power is Blustery Blow, which causes enemies who are pushed back by his Super into obstacles to become stunned for 1 second. This Star Power can be very effective for setting up kills, interrupting enemy actions, or preventing escapes.

His second Star Power is Freezing Snow, which briefly slows down enemies hit by his main attack by 15% for 0.3 seconds. This Star Power can be very useful for slowing down enemies, making them easier to hit or escape from, or reducing their effectiveness in combat.

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Gale's Strengths and Weaknesses


Gale is a very versatile Brawler who can excel in various situations and roles. Some of his strengths are:

  • He has a long range and a wide spread, which allows him to hit enemies from a safe distance and check bushes easily.

  • He has a fast reload speed and a large ammo capacity, which enables him to spam his attacks and apply constant pressure.

  • He has a high utility and control, thanks to his Super, Gadgets, and Star Powers. He can push back, stun, slow down, or block enemies with his abilities, as well as create mobility options for himself or his teammates.

  • He has a decent health and survivability, which allows him to take some hits and recover quickly with his fast movement speed.


Gale is not without flaws, however. Some of his weaknesses are:

  • He has a low damage output, especially at close range. He can't deal much damage to tanks or high-health targets, and he can be easily outdamaged by other Brawlers.

  • He has a low burst potential, which means he can't finish off enemies quickly or deal massive damage with a single attack.

  • He has a low accuracy and consistency, due to his wide spread and low projectile speed. He can miss some of his shots or deal reduced damage if the enemy is moving or dodging.

  • He has a high skill cap and dependency, which means he requires good aim, timing, positioning, and teamwork to use his abilities effectively. He can also be countered by smart enemies who know how to avoid or exploit his abilities.

Gale's Best Game Modes and Maps

Game Modes

Gale can perform well in most game modes, but he shines the most in those that require map control, objective control, or team coordination. Some of the best game modes for Gale are:

  • Gem Grab: Gale can use his Super to push back enemies who are trying to collect gems or escape with them. He can also use his Gadgets to jump over walls or block enemy paths. He can also support his teammates by slowing down or stunning enemies with his main attack or Star Powers.

  • Brawl Ball: Gale can use his Super to clear the way for himself or his teammates to score goals. He can also use his Gadgets to jump over walls or create obstacles for the enemy team. He can also help his teammates by pushing back or slowing down enemies who are trying to stop them.

  • Siege: Gale can use his Super to push back enemies who are trying to collect bolts or attack the IKE turret. He can also use his Gadgets to jump over walls or block enemy paths. He can also support his teammates by slowing down or stunning enemies with his main attack or Star Powers.


Gale can perform well on most maps, but he prefers those that have open spaces, walls, bushes, or hazards. Some of the best maps for Gale are:

Map Name

Game Mode


Minecart Madness

Gem Grab

The minecarts provide Gale with opportunities to push back enemies into them with his Super or Gadget. The walls and bushes also allow him to hide his launch pad or tornado.

Triple Dribble

Brawl Ball

The walls provide Gale with opportunities to stun enemies with his Super and Star Power. The open spaces also allow him to hit multiple enemies with his main attack.

Nuts & Bolts


The hazards provide Gale with opportunities to push back enemies into them with his Super or Gadget. The walls and bushes also allow him to hide his launch pad or tornado.

Gale's Best Teammates and Counters


Gale can work well with most Brawlers, but he synergizes the best with those who can benefit from his abilities or complement his weaknesses. Some of the best teammates for Gale are:

  • Tanks: Tanks such as El Primo, Bull, or Frank can benefit from Gale's Super or Gadget, which can help them reach enemies or objectives faster. They can also protect Gale from close-range enemies who can outdamage him.

  • Sharpshooters: Sharpshooters such as Colt, Brock, or Piper can benefit from Gale's Super or Star Power, which can help them create openings or opportunities to hit enemies. They can also deal high damage to enemies who are slowed down or stunned by Gale.

  • Supports: Supports such as Poco, Gene, or Sandy can benefit from Gale's Gadget, which can help them escape from danger or reach allies who need healing or assistance. They can also heal or buff Gale and his teammates who are fighting with him.


Gale can be countered by some Brawlers who can exploit his weaknesses or resist his


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