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Valentine Ponomarev

Where To Buy Beef Tenderloin

Costco is a mecca of all things holiday. From inflatable snowmen families to red wine by the case, if you need it for the holidays, Costco has it. But the discount mega store also has another very important item you should be buying for your holiday dinner: beef tenderloin.

where to buy beef tenderloin

It turns out, if you're in the market for a beef tenderloin for your Christmas dinner, Costco is the only place you should go. Their Kirkland Signature beef tenderloins come at two price points: $11.99/lb and $19.99/lb.

The less expensive option nets you a a piece of U.S.D.A Choice beef that is between 5 and 9 pounds and untrimmed. That means you will still need to trim the meat of its fat and silver skin. If you'd rather an experienced butcher do that, you can pay $19.99/lb. This gets you a "peeled" beef tenderloin of USDA Choice (look for the word on the price marker).

I did stop at a local grocery store, Publix, which is a common store throughout the southeast and east coast.* Their untrimmed beef tenderloin is available at $13.99/lb, but their butchers will trim the meat for you without extra charge. That's a sweet deal if you can find it.

If beef tenderloin is on your family's menu for this holiday, be sure to swing by Costco for the meat, if nothing else. They also have great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables and cheeses for a holiday cheese board, so look around. Just don't skip the beef. Then, when it's time to cook, make sure you follow our step-by-step for the ultimate beef tenderloin. When you invest in a quality piece of beef, you need to treat it with respect in order to get the best flavor and texture. We can show you how.

Sometimes the most intimidating part of preparing a roast is shopping for one. Buying a beef tenderloin has the added pressure of a higher price tag than other cuts of beef and it can come in a few forms depending on where you buy it. We're here to arm you with enough confidence to pick up a beef tenderloin, whether you're at your neighborhood butcher or your local Costco. These are the three things you need to know about buying beef tenderloin.

As a general rule, estimate 8 ounces (or 1/2 pound) of meat person. This recommendation is based on raw weight and accounts for about 2 ounces in shrinkage during trimming and cooking. Since beef tenderloin is a relatively lean, boneless cut of beef and tends to be quite expensive, you can easily cut down that recommendation to 6 ounces of beef per person, especially if your dinner menu includes a few hearty sides.

Whole beef tenderloins are broken down into three different cuts: The head (although this actually comes from the steer rear end), the center and the tail. You'll only really see these three cuts if you're buying a whole beef tenderloin from a butcher or big-box store. The head end is most often trimmed into steaks or pounded for carpaccio, while the tail end is left on larger tenderloins.

If you're serving a small crowd, say four to six guests, a center-cut tenderloin is nicely evenly shaped for roasting whole. A tail-end tenderloin is ideal for larger dinner parties, although you'll want to tie the roast to ensure even cooking.

Typically supermarkets sell beef tenderloin untrimmed or trimmed, and the price per pound will vary based on how it is prepared. Untrimmed tenderloin comes with the fat and silverskin still intact at a lower price point -- something of a boon if you've got a filet knife and the confidence to use it. For a few dollars more a pound, the butcher can do the work of trimming (and sometimes tying) the roast for you.

The tenderloin is fully cooked to a perfect medium rare. Each whole tenderloin weighs 2-2 1/2 pounds. The whole tenderloin is divided in half before it is flash frozen and vacuum sealed for ease of shipping and service. Your whole tenderloin (both halves) serves approximately 8 people as an entrée or 12-15 for hors d'oeuvres.

Over the years, we have developed a loyal group of friends who give this tenderloin as a gift for family, friends, clients and associates. The Perini Ranch Mail Order staff will work with you personally to process multiple orders for your needs. Each tenderloin gift includes a personalized note card and will be shipped without a paid invoice, receipt, or packing slip so that your gift price remains private.

Yes it would! Over the years, we have developed a loyal following of professionals who give this tenderloin as a token of appreciation to clients and associates. The Perini Ranch Mail Order staff will work with you personally to process multiple orders for your business needs. Each tenderloin gift includes a personalized gift card (to include your corporate logo, if you prefer) and we do not include any paid invoice, receipt, or packing slip so that your gift price remains private.

Our Filet Mignon Beef Tenderloin Tamales are a savory dish that the whole family can enjoy. Made from Texas beef tenderloin, beef, onions, dried chili anchos, jalapenos, garlic, and spices, these delicious tamales will have your mouth watering in no time. When your tamales arrive at your door, they will be stored in a thick-sided styrofoam cooler with dry ice packs. The tamales will be in a vacuum-sealed bag so that they stay fresh for up to 21 days in the refrigerator and 12 months in the freezer. Most standard shipping orders will arrive within 3 to 5 business days (excluding weekends).

The beef tenderloin roast is one of the most delicious and luxurious cuts of beef you can serve. This roast has nearly no waste and the ultra-tender texture is sure to impress on even the most special occasion.

Our organic beef tenderloin steak is a perfectly portioned 6-ounce filet that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. The tender nature of this steak cut lends well to pan searing and finishing in the oven. Melt a pat of butter on top for extra depth of flavor.

Organic Prairie's certified organic beef is free of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, GMOs, or other synthetic contaminants. Our careful, hands-on approach to raising cattle results in beef that's as good as it possibly can be, both for the planet and for your dinner table.

Regular supermarket grades just can't match Critchfield's Whole Trimmed Beef Tenderloin. Ours is the center of tenderness, cut to perfection. Quickly sear it on a medium-hot grill before cooking to give it a nice caramelized surface. Just a little black pepper, garlic, and olive oil seasoning is all it takes to make this tenderloin a real crowd-pleaser. Contains: One Whole Choice Trimmed Beef Tenderloin (4 LB Avg.) Feeds 8-10

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Filet Mignon has gained the reputation of being one of the best cuts of beef on the market. Have you ever wondered why the Filet Mignon price is so expensive? It is so tender that it almost melts in your mouth and, to add to that feeling of exclusivity this fine sut is not cheap.

The fact that tenderloin makes up just a small percentage of the total beef carcass and yet is the most desired by the catering industry and grocery stores plays a key role. That results in filet mignon cuts being rarer and the price gets bided up at wholesale level to secure the product thus more expensive.

Grain-fed beef will be fed cheap feeds, minimal care, and low labor overheads where free roaming organic pasture-based operations have much higher operating costs. Based on this research by Fernandez et al, the cost to raise Organic beef is 39% more expensive than conventional beef.

It takes much more time cleaning and trimming a tenderloin into filet mignon than preparing any other cuts. They have to take the gristle, silver skin, and every part of fatty tissue out, which can take more than half an hour. That is much more than the time spent on preparing a Ribeye Steak, for instance.

The best tenderloin steaks are selected and aged by wet or dry aging for maximum tenderness before being trimmed into Filet Mignon steaks. This process and controlled refrigerated time which can take weeks, make it even more complicated to bring a Filet Mignon into the market and adds further cost.

The average Filet Mignon price varies depending on your location and where you decide to buy it from. Indeed, you may shop directly from the farm, in a grocery store, or even consume your steak at a restaurant.

By marrying this approach, we can considerably reduce waste, and the utilization of viable meat cuts on the cattle will increase. This will contribute to bringing down the overall price for beef's meat and help balance out the price of cuts to a more reasonable equilibrium.

No need to mess with fancy meat grinders when making tartare at home. Instead, grab the sharpest chef's knife you have, cut the tenderloin into very thin slices (about 1/8" thick). Then, stacking a few slices at a time, cut the meat crosswise, again forming very thin strips (about 1/8" thick). Finally, gather a few strips together and dice crosswise, cutting the beef into 1/8" cubes.

So you've got a pile of raw beef on your cutting board. Now, the mix-ins. Because the best tartares are defined by their mix-ins, obvs. My standard roster includes chopped flat-leaf parsley, salty capers, and finely chopped shallot.

Preheat the oven to 350F. Gently brush the roast with olive oil, salt and pepper. Twine on tenderloin can be left on the product before cooking, but should be removed before consumption. Place the roast in a roasting pan and cover with aluminum foil for half of the cooking time. Bake for approximately 35-40 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 145F. Once cooked, remove from the oven and let in rest for approximately 15 minutes before slicing. 041b061a72


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