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Valentine Ponomarev

Pella Windows Architect Series WORK

I agree with Gene Hutchison. I think this article is very biased. I have a craftsman style home over 100 years old and I just had Pella architect windows installed and I can say they look absolutely amazing. The outside clad window very closely matches my outside trim color. They look exactly like my old windows. I understand people being purest when it comes to renovations. I love history and do my bust to keep the original look intact but I did not want to spend good money redoing old windows that I could not clean because there is an unsightly storm window over it to make it more efficient. These windows are very nice and worth every penny. I can now tilt them in to clean them and the difference in room temperature and sound deadening is amazing. We chose to leave the inside unfinished to save money which we will paint ourselves to match our inside trim color. I would highly recommend the architect series based on my experience

pella windows architect series

Hi I am in the market for new window replacements. I am doing a full exterior renovation and installing drivet to the homes exterior. So basically I can get full replacement windows. I looked at the weathershield premium series, pella reserve series (new line) and Marvin ultimate. I want the wood interior and exterior clad. Which window would you use. All my windows are casement crank outs. I currently have Hurd windows but all of them have failed. I have over 67 tall casement windows throughout the home. Another point to keep in mind is having southern exposure on the front of my house and I am looking into a bronze exterior color that may fade over timeThanks

Had two Pella architect series windows put in when we had our kitchen remodeled in 2019. They look nothing like the picture here from the outside, they look great. They are expensive but worth it on our 1922 house. We plan on replacing every window in the house with Pella architect windows.

A few months ago I came across an article from DWM Magazine (DWM = Door and Window Market) about a lawsuit filed on Oklahoma against Pella Corp by a homeowner that alleged the Architect Series windows have design and manufacturing defects as result they are leaking and causing premature wood rot and damage. You can read the article here: -alleges-pella-architect-series-windows-were-defective/

Pella Architect Series windows are gorgeously detailed windows made from wood and wood-grain fiberglass materials, and they appeal to those wanting custom-designed window options at their fingertips. Featuring intricate sashes and gorgeous grille profiles, these windows cast beautiful shadow lines that create stunning architectural interest and detail in your space.

New windows are always something to consider when giving your home a makeover. When it comes to the Pella Windows Architect Series, price is not the most important factor. Energy efficiency, style and other things all play an important part in deciding which series to go with. Use QualitySmith to find retailers and contractors who can give you a quote on buying the windows or installation.

At Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin, we know that complex projects usually demand more than custom products. Our architectural solution is designed to help you bring your craft to life. With our contemporary windows and doors, we can work together to ensure you accomplish your design intent without compromising functionality and performance.

The Pella Reserve series of commercial and residential windows are created for architectural enthusiasts who prefer to go for extraordinary products above everything else. These windows are intensely designed with exceptional detailing.

Your clients will also love our Architect Series. This line of windows pairs modern functionality with elegance to ensure windows serve more than one purpose. For architects, these windows complete the look of a well-designed home. In other words, they bring your gorgeous vision to life.

The Pella 450 and 850 series is a collection of branded windows and doors manufactured by the Pella Corporation. Pella is a family-owned corporation, which began in 1925, in Pella, Iowa. As of September 2011, Pella ranks as the second largest manufacturer of windows and doors in the world. The 450 and 850 series are sold under the brand trade names of Pella 450 ProLine and the Architect Series 850.

The Pella 450 series is called the "ProLine." It includes sliding patio doors, awning-style windows, casement, double-hung windows and half-circle windows. The 450 ProLine series offers three windowpane grill patterns to choose from, eight interior wood stain colors, and the option of windows painted with a white prefinished that owners could paint themselves to match and compliment the homes exterior and interior colors and décor.

The Pella 850 series is called the "Architect 850 Series." In addition to awning-style windows, casement, double-hung windows and half-circle windows, the 850 series includes French patio doors. The 850 series is more refined and upscale, with mahogany, alder, Douglas fir and pine wood finishings. Customers can select from 27 exterior colors to match and coordinate with the exterior of their home, along with a wide variety of grille designs and patterns to simulate the look of divided light as it filters through the windowpanes. Like the 450 series, the 850 series offers eight interior stains to choose from or the option of a basic white prefinished window for customization.

The Pella Corporation exclusively manufactures the 450 and 850 series. Each series provides customers with many options for window and door styles and features. For example, double-hung windows allow you to open the window from the top and from the bottom. Casement windows are hinged at the side so you can open them outwards to the outdoors instead of inside the room. Awning-style windows are hinged at the top and open outwards from the bottom. The 450 and 850 series are sold at Lowe's home improvement stores and can be ordered from select retailers.

The 850 line provides far more choices in terms of window grille styles, wood finishes, interior wood stain colors and exterior color possibilities, compared to the 450 series. The 850 series also includes French sliding glass doors with hinges, while the 450 series only has conventional sliding doors. Window and door glass are measured for energy efficiency in terms of their U-factor, which is a numeric value assigned by independent testing laboratories. The U-factor measures the rate of non-solar heat loss or gain of the window or door. The lower the U-factor, the greater a window's resistance to heat flow. The 450 series windows and doors have U-factors that range from 0.32 to 0.35, and the U-factor for the 850 series ranges from 0.35 to 0.39, according to ratings published as of September 2011 by Efficient Windows, which is a non-profit partnership between the University of Minnesota, the Center for Sustainable Building Research, the Alliance to Save Energy, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. 041b061a72


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