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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

공개·회원 10명
Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas

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Little nightmares Download PC Game

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Rarely do all of the elements of a game fit together quite as neatly as the ones found here, nor are there many other games capable of maintaining their suspense levels anywhere near as effectively. There are times when playing the game can feel a little like psychological torture, although gradually learning about the history of the cursed school while edging ever closer towards the inevitable tragedy arguably makes it all worthwhile.

Granted, the story is a little short and there aren't all that many truly scary moments, but a lot of the horror found in Among the Sleep is derived not from jump-scares, but instead through implication. There are a few nice twists and turns in the narrative as well, while the alternate ending found in the enhanced edition of the game provides a harrowing conclusion that's befitting of such an excellent game.

Cuphead is a run and gun game that's heavily inspired by old cartoons. The animation is stunning, the music is fantastic and the gameplay manages to challenge players without ever feeling unfair. Better still, it allows for two-player co-op, meaning that players can tackle the title with friends or family to help make life just a little bit easier.

One of 2017's best and creepiest video games is completely free to download on Steam right now. I'm not entirely sure how or why, but Tarsier Studio's delightfully eerie masterpiece Little Nightmares is currently 100% off on Valve's digital storefront. I'm not sure what else I can say here, other than that you should obviously get it now.

Earlier this year saw the release of Little Nightmares II, which builds on the many mysteries of the first game by giving players a much larger world to explore - one filled with much greater terrors. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Play Little Nightmares first, see how that fits, and then think about getting into the sequel. You can download Little Nightmares for free right here. Enjoy!

Still, if you do manage to push through and claim it, Bandai Namco will send you your very own copy of Little Nightmares. We rated the game pretty highly in our review, a horror-inflected stealth/platformer in which we play a little girl in a raincoat trying to escape being eaten by huge, distorted giants living on a vast, creaking cruise liner. It's more eerie than outright terrifying, intentionally playing to childhood fears and occasionally building hide-and-seek tension. It'll likely be a winner for those who enjoyed Limbo and Inside, and even if it isn't - well, what's it matter? You're getting it for free anyway. And not only that, but with Little Nightmares 2 coming out soon, this might be the perfect opportunity to get on board the series.

There's never been a better time to be a PC gamer. Tons of great games. Amazing graphics hardware. Virtual reality. Thinner and fancier gaming laptop designs. But if you're stuck using a standard laptop (or desktop) with only Intel's built-in integrated graphics instead of a dedicated GPU from Nvidia or AMD, finding games that will work well is a little tougher.

A cool little survival strategy game that looks and feels a lot like the isolated arctic horror of The Thing. This time it's more glowy alien things than shape-changing monsters, but there's still a lot of crafting, surviving and sneaking for your small band of survivors. It ran great at medium detail settings.

This post-apocalyptic adventure works on a wide range of PCs and also has a near-endless supply of fan-made mods you can download. At 1080p and "low" graphics settings, it's a little choppier than Skyrim, but the slowed-down combat system means you should be able to get away with it. I'd say this one is on the borderline, but playable. Trade up to a gaming PC and VR headset for the cool (and sold-separately) VR version.

This indie sci-fi game gets its Blade Runner feel not only from its dystopian urban futurism, but also from lead voice actor Rutger Hauer. Its performance on our casual laptop is just on the borderline of acceptable, but it ran mostly fine at low detail settings and FHD resolution. Fortunately, it's a slow-paced exploration game, so a little lag creeping in isn't a big deal. 041b061a72


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