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Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

One Piece Episode 480

Venky Naganthan 00:26:35 So be prepared to handle that and, uh, use analytics to track the usage of your bot, uh, track the performance of your bar and then pay attention to this data and then keep refining it. But so these are basically the characteristics of your bot application. So overall, uh, to summarize, you need to think about where to place your bot in the user interface and how best to deliver this. And then second, you need to think about the annual capabilities that you want to have. Um, then you need to think about a dialogue orchestrator. And then finally you want to think about now the actual details of the bot application itself. So those are the pieces that go into building a really good and powerful part that makes the Hindu as a product.

One Piece Episode 480


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SE Radio 01:01:45 Thanks for listening to se radio an educational program brought to you by AAA software magazine for more about the podcast, including other episodes, visit our To provide feedback. You can comment on each episode on the website or reach us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or through our slack You can also email, this and all other episodes of se radio is licensed under creative commons license 2.5. Thanks for listening.

One of the most loved arcs in One Piece is Marineford. It focuses on the battle between the Whitebeard Pirates and the Marines. The Whitebeard Pirates came to Marineford to save Ace from being executed. There was plenty of action and drama. The arc spanned 33 episodes and ran from episode 457 to 489. In this post, we will be ranking the top 10 episodes of the Marineford arc based on IMDb ratings.

Luffy and Garp might be bound by blood, but they took completely different paths in life. Luffy chose to become a pirate instead of a Marine like his grandfather. This episode was very emotional as Garp was the last person standing between Luffy and Ace.

This episode is just incredible and shows that ratings should perhaps not be trusted every time. In this episode, Law takes away Luffy and Jinbe from Marineford. Shanks finally comes to Marineford and his entrance is just too good. He stops Akainu from killing Coby and praises the young Marine for stepping up.

This is one of the most emotional episodes in One Piece. After Ace jumped in front of the attack by Akainu, he receives a huge wound. Akainu's punch goes straight through Ace, creating a visual that is shocking and heartbreaking. Ace began to think about his past when he didn't know if he deserved to be born.

Meanwhile, Akainu tries to attack Ace once again, but this time Jinbe steps up and stops his attack. Marco and Vista come to the aid of Luffy and attack Akainu with Haki imbued attacks. However, Akainu receives no damage. At the end of the episode, Ace dies due to the wounds being fatal and before his death, he thanks Luffy and the others for loving him.

This episode focused on the battle between a father and his "son." Blackbeard came to Marineford with his new set of recruits. He had used his power as a Shichibukai to infiltrate Impel Down and free the prisoners. Whitebeard was very angry as Teach was responsible for the deaths of Thatch and Ace.

The next episode of "Naruto Shippuden," tentatively entitled "Naruto and Hinata," will act as an epilogue for the series. It will take 15 years after the Fourth Shinobi World War depicted in the previous episodes.

In the previous episode, fans witness Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha lying on what appears to be the statues' hands shaping a seal of reconciliation. At the time, Sakura and Kakashi arrived at the Valley of the End to mend both Naruto and Sasuke.

Each episode will be comprised of two parts - Part A and Part B - and will feature different characters. In "Naruto Shippuden" episode 480, fans can see Naruto, who is now the host of the Kyuubi, trains all alone in the forest. In the midst of his intense training, a special someone appears.

In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with MacLane Wilkison, Contributor to Threshold Network, the home of tBTC, the only decentralized and permissionless Bitcoin bridge to Ethereum. He is a co-founder of NuCypher, which combined with Keep Network in the first-ever decentralized network merger to form Threshold.

You can LP it on curve, you can borrowagainst it. You can, you can lend against it or you can lend it out. And so thethe key piece is that you can always redeem it back. So if you have wBTCactually as a individual retail user, most of us can't. They, they have thisconcept of merchants who, who this.

Just taking that Bitcoin is higher thanthe value prop of continuing to run this bridge. You're essentially trustingthem not to run away with it. And then the other piece which even if you assumethat, these centralized bridges are in good financial shape and they havegenerally a lot more regulatory, a lot, a lot of regulatory exposure.

And the other piece is it'spermissionless. So you don't need to onboard, with a, a centralized entity as acustomer. You just go and you interact with smart contracts. So if you have youhave a, a self custody wallet on the Bitcoin side. And, and on the Ethereumside, you can do all of this, without the permission of, of anyone.

And then the third piece is that it'scensorship resistant. So there's no, because there's no central, central entitythat's custody in the Bitcoin and minting tBTC there's essentially no way forsomeone to, to be blocked because, they live in the wrong country or, China orsome, some place where, a regulator might, might not want them to have accessto something like Big Go.

Episode 27 should be playing on YTV this week, but the TBA is there just to play it safe. Keep your phones at the ready, Canadian ladies and gentlemen, and make sure to give YTV a good piece of your minds if its another repeat.

Fuse was rather good for a long while about keeping up to date on their new episode listings - what gives? Do they not like me anymore? Is it my teeth? It's my teeth, I'll bet. I shouldn't keep them lying around like that.

Note to the people who called me a dumbass for thinking this episode title was "leet-speak" the last time I discussed it: I knew the whole time that it was a clever allusion to Hugo Gernsback's seminal 1911 science fiction novel! I was playing stupid for the purposes of attempted comedy! Seriously! I don't wear this eyepatch and smoke my pipe to look purposefully stupid, people. This episode of Ergo Proxy is about Re-l discovering the toxic yet beautiful "outside world," and learning of the god-like powers contained by "The Proxy."

Despite how things seem in the real world, on television, things such as "war" and "violence" are often not seen in the best light by the fictional public. In this very realistic episode of Gundam Seed Destiny, war and violence are openly frowned upon. Hence the "differing views" of the title, there.

Man, if I were a prepubescent God, My treehouse would have become a full-fledged command center and outpost, housing every video game known to mankind and a full-scale arsenal of chainsaw-wielding sentient robot guards. And of course by "My" treehouse, I meant "My friend Dominic's," but I would probably abuse My divinity to annex it under My Holy Territory. Kami Chu's Yurie is actually selfless and loving, unlike myself, so nothing that badass happens in this episode.

Ueki's team preps for their next fight against Team Marilyn, who vows to defeat Ueki's sprightly team of colorful upstarts in only four minutes. Four minutes are obviously only a small fraction of a 22-minute episode, so no doubt there's more than that.

A dreaded Sea King attacks the straw hat crew, and they discover that the enveloping Rainbow Mist has taken them to a different time and space than that of the world outside them. Eerie. When do the new, Funimation-dubbed episodes start again? Not until late next month, maybe? Okay.

Orguss is the shortest of ImaginAsian's TMS Anime Classics selection, so it's actually about to wrap up this week, sans the single remaining episode that'll be aired the following Monday. Given Noboru Ishiguro's credentials, no doubt Orguss has an epic finale filled to the brim with robots and melodrama and songs and such!

I haven't played my copy of Pokémon Pearl in months but these new episodes are bringing me dangerously back to the brink of wanting to. In that my interest in playing it has raised from "Never" to "Only Slightly," which is dangerous enough as far as I'm concerned. In this week's Pokémon hour of power, Ash and his buddies arrive in Floaroma town and cute-up their Pokemen for the Pokémon Contests.

Though I'm not sure which episode will be playing this week (Thanks Fuse!), this is Tenjho Tenge we're talking about here, so you can expect some stiffly-animated and confusing fight scenes punctuated by closeups of butts and boobs and panties. 041b061a72


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