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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

공개·회원 10명
Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

Tudor Gheorghe Taraf Live

Born in Podari, Dolj County, Tudor Gheorghe started his secondary studies at the Frații Buzești High School in Craiova. Expelled for political reasons in 9th grade, he moved to stay with some aunts in Arad, attending the city's Moise Nicoară High School. The following year he returned to Craiova, where he studied at the Carol I High School, from which he graduated in due course.[2] He then studied to be an actor, graduating from the I.L. Caragiale Institute of Theatre and Film Arts in Bucharest in 1966. He later started composing music as a means of expressing his interest in Romanian poetry. His first national tour in 1969 was critically and commercially acclaimed and established him as a figure of the fledgling contemporary folk scene in Romania.[5][6] His recording career, spanning fifty years, has frequently defied pop music conventions while exploring various traditions in Romanian music, from folk, religious music, the anti-communist anthems of Jean Moscopol to popular music of interwar Romania, at times embracing even children's or classical music.[7][8] Throughout his early career, he performed with a guitar or lute with no backing musicians or vocalists but, starting in the early 2000s, he has incorporated orchestras, choirs, and tarafs into his performances. He resumed his musical career in 1992 but, dissatisfied with the way promoters wanted to market his music, took another six-year break from performing live. He has been touring constantly since 1998 and has recorded most of his concerts, releasing them as albums and generally avoiding studio work.[9]

Tudor Gheorghe Taraf Live



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