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Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas

Part 2.txt _VERIFIED_

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the official legal print publication containing the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) is a continuously updated online version of the CFR. It is not an official legal edition of the CFR.

Part 2.txt

The question ultimately boils down to this: why write an essay when an AI can write it for you in ten seconds, and in many cases, it may write a better essay than you can? This terrifying insight on the part of any student (or teacher) raises the question of why we write anything. And that further raises the question of the value of communicating our own human mental life at all. Do any humans have anything worth saying? If so, what is it? And how do we know it is of worth?

In the next section, we take this same deep learning model and try to improve its performance. We do so by training it on the arXiv dataset (this step is also called fine-tuning). We take advantage of the fact that it already knows how to summarize text in general. We then show it lots of examples of our arXiv dataset. Deep learning models are exceptionally good at identifying patterns in datasets after they get trained on it, so we expect the model to get better at this particular task.

In addition, Hugging Face and AWS announced a partnership earlier in 2022 that makes it even easier to train Hugging Face models on SageMaker. This functionality is available through the development of Hugging Face AWS Deep Learning Containers (DLCs). These containers include Hugging Face Transformers, Tokenizers and the Datasets library, which allows us to use these resources for training and inference jobs. For a list of the available DLC images, see available Hugging Face Deep Learning Containers Images. They are maintained and regularly updated with security patches. We can find many examples of how to train Hugging Face models with these DLCs and the Hugging Face Python SDK in the following GitHub repo.

**This post is the second in a four part educational series I wrote in a graduate seminar on computational research methods. Each post will examine a different method from a sociological perspective. This part builds upon the ideas and concepts in Part 1: Social Network Analysis

The tokeniser is probably far from perfect, but it gives you the general idea. The tokenisation is based on regular expressions (regexp), which is a common choice for this type of problem. Some particular types of tokens (e.g. phone numbers or chemical names) will not be captured, and will be probably broken into several tokens. To overcome this problem, as well as to improve the richness of your pre-processing pipeline, you can improve the regular expressions, or even employ more sophisticated techniques like Named Entity Recognition.

Enter FALSTAFF, with his Page bearing his sword and bucklerFALSTAFFSirrah, you giant, what says the doctor to my water?PageHe said, sir, the water itself was a good healthywater; but, for the party that owed it, he mighthave more diseases than he knew for.FALSTAFFMen of all sorts take a pride to gird at me: thebrain of this foolish-compounded clay, man, is notable to invent anything that tends to laughter, morethan I invent or is invented on me: I am not onlywitty in myself, but the cause that wit is in othermen. I do here walk before thee like a sow thathath overwhelmed all her litter but one. If theprince put thee into my service for any other reasonthan to set me off, why then I have no judgment.Thou whoreson mandrake, thou art fitter to be wornin my cap than to wait at my heels. I was nevermanned with an agate till now: but I will inset youneither in gold nor silver, but in vile apparel, andsend you back again to your master, for a jewel,--the juvenal, the prince your master, whose chin isnot yet fledged. I will sooner have a beard grow inthe palm of my hand than he shall get one on hischeek; and yet he will not stick to say his face isa face-royal: God may finish it when he will, 'tisnot a hair amiss yet: he may keep it still at aface-royal, for a barber shall never earn sixpenceout of it; and yet he'll be crowing as if he hadwrit man ever since his father was a bachelor. Hemay keep his own grace, but he's almost out of mine,I can assure him. What said Master Dombledon aboutthe satin for my short cloak and my slops?PageHe said, sir, you should procure him betterassurance than Bardolph: he would not take hisband and yours; he liked not the security.FALSTAFFLet him be damned, like the glutton! pray God histongue be hotter! A whoreson Achitophel! a rascallyyea-forsooth knave! to bear a gentleman in hand,and then stand upon security! The whoresonsmooth-pates do now wear nothing but high shoes, andbunches of keys at their girdles; and if a man isthrough with them in honest taking up, then theymust stand upon security. I had as lief they wouldput ratsbane in my mouth as offer to stop it withsecurity. I looked a' should have sent me two andtwenty yards of satin, as I am a true knight, and hesends me security. Well, he may sleep in security;for he hath the horn of abundance, and the lightnessof his wife shines through it: and yet cannot hesee, though he have his own lanthorn to light him.Where's Bardolph?PageHe's gone into Smithfield to buy your worship a horse.FALSTAFFI bought him in Paul's, and he'll buy me a horse inSmithfield: an I could get me but a wife in thestews, I were manned, horsed, and wived.Enter the Lord Chief-Justice and Servant

Enter the ARCHBISHOP OF YORK, the Lords HASTINGS, MOWBRAY, and BARDOLPHARCHBISHOP OF YORKThus have you heard our cause and known our means;And, my most noble friends, I pray you all,Speak plainly your opinions of our hopes:And first, lord marshal, what say you to it?MOWBRAYI well allow the occasion of our arms;But gladly would be better satisfiedHow in our means we should advance ourselvesTo look with forehead bold and big enoughUpon the power and puissance of the king.HASTINGSOur present musters grow upon the fileTo five and twenty thousand men of choice;And our supplies live largely in the hopeOf great Northumberland, whose bosom burnsWith an incensed fire of injuries.LORD BARDOLPHThe question then, Lord Hastings, standeth thus;Whether our present five and twenty thousandMay hold up head without Northumberland?HASTINGSWith him, we may.LORD BARDOLPH Yea, marry, there's the point:But if without him we be thought too feeble,My judgment is, we should not step too farTill we had his assistance by the hand;For in a theme so bloody-faced as thisConjecture, expectation, and surmiseOf aids incertain should not be admitted.ARCHBISHOP OF YORK'Tis very true, Lord Bardolph; for indeedIt was young Hotspur's case at Shrewsbury.LORD BARDOLPHIt was, my lord; who lined himself with hope,Eating the air on promise of supply,Flattering himself in project of a powerMuch smaller than the smallest of his thoughts:And so, with great imaginationProper to madmen, led his powers to deathAnd winking leap'd into destruction.HASTINGSBut, by your leave, it never yet did hurtTo lay down likelihoods and forms of hope.LORD BARDOLPHYes, if this present quality of war,Indeed the instant action: a cause on footLives so in hope as in an early springWe see the appearing buds; which to prove fruit,Hope gives not so much warrant as despairThat frosts will bite them. When we mean to build,We first survey the plot, then draw the model;And when we see the figure of the house,Then must we rate the cost of the erection;Which if we find outweighs ability,What do we then but draw anew the modelIn fewer offices, or at last desistTo build at all? Much more, in this great work,Which is almost to pluck a kingdom downAnd set another up, should we surveyThe plot of situation and the model,Consent upon a sure foundation,Question surveyors, know our own estate,How able such a work to undergo,To weigh against his opposite; or elseWe fortify in paper and in figures,Using the names of men instead of men:Like one that draws the model of a houseBeyond his power to build it; who, half through,Gives o'er and leaves his part-created costA naked subject to the weeping cloudsAnd waste for churlish winter's tyranny.HASTINGSGrant that our hopes, yet likely of fair birth,Should be still-born, and that we now possess'dThe utmost man of expectation,I think we are a body strong enough,Even as we are, to equal with the king.LORD BARDOLPHWhat, is the king but five and twenty thousand?HASTINGSTo us no more; nay, not so much, Lord Bardolph.For his divisions, as the times do brawl,Are in three heads: one power against the French,And one against Glendower; perforce a thirdMust take up us: so is the unfirm kingIn three divided; and his coffers soundWith hollow poverty and emptiness.ARCHBISHOP OF YORKThat he should draw his several strengths togetherAnd come against us in full puissance,Need not be dreaded.HASTINGSIf he should do so,He leaves his back unarm'd, the French and WelshBaying him at the heels: never fear that.LORD BARDOLPHWho is it like should lead his forces hither?HASTINGSThe Duke of Lancaster and Westmoreland;Against the Welsh, himself and Harry Monmouth:But who is substituted 'gainst the French,I have no certain notice.ARCHBISHOP OF YORKLet us on,And publish the occasion of our arms.The commonwealth is sick of their own choice;Their over-greedy love hath surfeited:An habitation giddy and unsureHath he that buildeth on the vulgar heart.O thou fond many, with what loud applauseDidst thou beat heaven with blessing Bolingbroke,Before he was what thou wouldst have him be!And being now trimm'd in thine own desires,Thou, beastly feeder, art so full of him,That thou provokest thyself to cast him up.So, so, thou common dog, didst thou disgorgeThy glutton bosom of the royal Richard;And now thou wouldst eat thy dead vomit up,And howl'st to find it. What trust is inthese times?They that, when Richard lived, would have him die,Are now become enamour'd on his grave:Thou, that threw'st dust upon his goodly headWhen through proud London he came sighing onAfter the admired heels of Bolingbroke,Criest now 'O earth, yield us that king again,And take thou this!' O thoughts of men accursed!Past and to come seems best; things present worst.MOWBRAYShall we go draw our numbers and set on?HASTINGSWe are time's subjects, and time bids be gone.Exeunt 041b061a72


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