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Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

[S1E8] Time Amok ~UPD~

However, Drednok 2.0 (going with this since I have no idea what generation Drednok our primary one is) provides Gwyn with the location of the coupler that Dal was missing after he built the warp matrix in his time phase.

[S1E8] Time Amok

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It's important to note that it's Gwyn who realizes how traumatic it would have been for Rok to be left alone for all that time. More than anyone on the crew, Gwyn understands the powerful effect of loneliness and isolation.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on Paramount +. It airs in Canada on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on CraveTV. Paramount + launch on Sky in the U.K., Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria sometime in 2022.

Back in the Delta Quadrant, The Diviner is contacted by Nandi in response to his broadcast about the offering of a reward for information on the USS Protostar. At first, he's impatient with the possibility of another grifter who knows nothing calling to waste his time but listens when the Ferengi mentions how the ship he's seeking contained chimerium, and she then sends him the coordinates. Drednok points out that the Protostar has jumped too far, and it will take the Rev-12 months to reach them, but The Diviner states that since they now have their location, they have alternative ways to make their presence known. They somehow hack into the Protostar's vehicle replicator and start replicating another Drednok. Meanwhile, Jankom finds Gwyn to talk to, who is still upset about Dal confessing the truth to Janeway. He complains that they've could have gone to the Federation and had better lives. Gwyn happens to be in the conference suite, watching through the viewports as the ship approaches a tachyon storm. When Gwyn advises Jankom to keep his boots close to the deck as the storm could affect the artificial gravity, he grows alarmed, explaining that gravity is what keeps the proto-drive stable. He rushes to engineering to find the proto-drive destabilizing. Just after Janeway checks in with him, having detected massive power influxes, the light of the proto-drive turns from blue to red and then emits a pulse of energy that spreads throughout the ship, briefly splitting Janeway into five parts. Checking her program, Janeway discovers her temporal settings to be all over the place. When she checks in with the rest of the crew, she discovers Jankom appears to be the only lifeform aboard. Suddenly, there is a rupture, triggering an alarm warning of an upcoming warp core breach. Jankom knows from the alarm that unless they can repair it in ten minutes, the engine will not be able to equalize the gravity shell of the proto-drive, which keeps the power of the proto-core within from exploding. He hurriedly gets to work, but the proto-drive unexpectedly explodes seconds later, destroying the ship.

Janeway suddenly finds herself on the bridge, and the ship is still intact. She wonders how Jankom was correct in how much time was left, yet he only had seconds. Everything appears to be still in order and there is still only one lifeform aboard. Janeway tries to contact Jankom, but instead finds Rok hiding in the bunk room, who asks where everyone else is and why Janeway didn't respond when she called for her. Janeway notices that items Rok has knocked into the air tumble in slow motion, looking more like they're moving in zero gravity, and realizes that time is moving very slowly. Apparently, the ripple that passed through the ship was some kind of time anomaly. Janeway was able to adjust the speed of her settings to be with Rok, but everyone else is stuck in their own temporal phases. Rok doesn't quite understand, so Janeway explains that when they went through the tachyon storm, something unusual happened. While it appeared Rok-Tahk was alone, everyone is still aboard the same ship, but moving through time at different speeds. For Jankom, time was sped up, but fortunately for Rok, time was moving very slowly; for her, ten minutes will seem like an eternity. Janeway tries to talk Rok into taking on the task of fixing the warp core by balancing the warp containment, but when she explains that the proto-drive will otherwise explode and destroy the ship, it is too much for the young girl, who, overwhelmed, panics and shuts the hologram down.

Janeway is now in the shuttlebay with Zero, who is already aware of what is happening and deduced a way to repair the core. By constructing a warp matrix, they can reroute power from the primary warp drive directly to the proto-drive. In effect, this will normalize their time component, stabilizing the fractures and saving everyone on board. Janeway is able to give Zero the last bit of info they need to know how much time left they have, that Rok was moving the slowest. With this, Zero realizes that everyone is trapped in what is described as oscillating time, which is working like a damped sine wave. Those closest to the blast are most affected, in alternating patterns, fastest and slowest. Jankom was the closest to the proto-drive, so he was the fastest. Rok was next in line, so she was the slowest. But since Zero was next, they realize that time was moving second fastest for them, and they do not have enough time to build the warp matrix. As the warp core breach alarm begins, Zero hurriedly draws up schematics for Janeway to pass onto the others. As they work, Zero states that none of the crew can do it alone, and even if they are divided by time itself, they can still work together. Wishing they could do more for the others, Janeway watches Zero sadly as they complete the schematics just as the ship blows up once again.

In Gwyn's time phase, the vehicle replicator finishes replicating the other Drednok, which springs to life and proceeds to the bridge while Gwyn is searching for a dilithium coupler. Spotting him on one of the consoles, Janeway explains that the Dreknok 'file' was able to be produced since Gwyn's phase is the closest to normal time. She recognizes this doppelganger as the one who invaded the ship and erased her memory years ago. After he enters the bridge, Gwyn tries to fight the duplicate Drednok, but he easily throws her into the bulkheads. When Janeway tries to interfere, he swiftly uses Chakotay's voice and command codes to delete Janeway's program, to Gwyn's horror. The duplicate declares his intent to return the ship to "its rightful master", but with dark satisfaction, the injured Gwyn informs him how the ship is on the verge of blowing up and that no one will get it. Looking up how a dilithium coupler is needed, the duplicate silently leaves the bridge for the mess hall, removes the cover of one of the replicators and to Gwyn's surprise pulls out the correct-sized coupler. Gwyn wonders if he is going to get rid of her before seizing the ship, but he tells her that would be against The Diviner's wishes. He does, however, think that his master is blind to what Dreadnok believes to be true: that Gwyn was The Diviner's greatest mistake. The duplicate Drednok locks Gwyn out of engineering and prepares to connect Dal's warp matrix to the proto-drive when Gwyn appears on a nearby console, stating that she will not allow the ship to be stolen. She triggers a partial transformation to extend the proto-drive's nacelle, causing explosive decompression as engineering is exposed to space. This succeeds in ejecting the duplicate, but moments later the warp matrix is also lost in the process. Out of time, Gwyn painfully returns to the bridge and resorts to recording a captain's log entry before it's her turn to blow up.

It takes a beat, but after staring down at the Starfleet insignia emblazoned on the deck of the mezzanine, Rok finds her inner cadet and gets to work. Taking advantage of the slow phase, over time she teaches herself quantum science, computer engineering, and a great deal of mathematics, and eventually uses all that she has learnt to build a warp matrix, and then restores Janeway's program. Bringing her back online after tinkering inside one of the mess hall replicators, Rok explains to the astonished Janeway that her memory buffers never got overwritten, so it allowed Rok to rebuild her program. As Janeway notices many, many, scratches made on a mess hall window Rok used to count her attempts, Rok adds that it "only" took her 276 tries. She also needed Janeway for one simple practical fact: no one had told her where the warp matrix was supposed to go.

Down in engineering, Rok expresses a moment of doubt that her warp matrix will work, but Janeway assures that whatever happens, she's proud of her. Once the device is connected to the proto-drive, the timeline, and the rest of the crew, are restored, alive and well and recalling they had each died in their individual phases. Rok and Janeway meet up with the others gathered on the bridge and with Rok wiping away tears of happiness receives a group hug from the others, who are proud of her achievements. Janeway looks on with a smile, but then becomes saddened, which Gwyn notices and realizes why; going over to her, she quietly asks the hologram how long the young girl spent alone, to which Janeway sums up as "too long." As Rok tells the others about her self-education, Gwyn remarks that Rok may not just have found her friends, but also her calling in life. Janeway replies that the kids may not think of themselves as a crew, but they certainly look like one.

Star Trek: Prodigy saw its crew violate one of Starfleet's most sacred tenets and endure an epic betrayal from Dal's mentor Nandi as they continue to flee from the villainous Diviner and his robotic lackey, Drednok. This failure has brought the crew down to its lowest point and divided at a time when they are needed to be together for each other the most. And in the face of this internal strife and flaring tensions, only the hologram program of Kathryn Janeway can bring them back together in time to save the day.

The tachyon storm compromises the warp containment matrix keeping the Proto Drive in control, with the disruption resulting in the Protostar exploding. The effect the tachyons have on the time stream causes the timeline to reset and the starship and crew being restored. Realizing she only has approximately 10 minutes to react to prevent the Protostar from being destroyed again, Janeway contacts the individual members of the crew but discovers that each of their proximity to the initial blast affects their respective flow of time. Zero gives Janeway vital data to pass on to someone with a better flow of time as the hologram moves across the time loops to help the crew save themselves before the ship is destroyed. 041b061a72


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