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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

Watch GossipGirl S02E24 [TOP]

In Los Angeles, Lily visits the diner where Carol works. She bumps into a busboy and rudely tells him to watch where he's going. He tells her that he doesn't see the resemblance between her and Carol, and she apologizes for being rude. She vents about her day and worries that she'll have to become a prostitute. The boy smiles and introduces himself as Owen. He says that there's a gig going on that night that Carol might be at and he asks her to go with him. She hesitates before agreeing to go. She says she has to change clothes first and he shows her Carol's locker, which is filled with different types of clothes that she takes on auditions. Lily notices photos inside and realizes how much Carol has changed. However, she sees a photo from when she and Carol still lived in New York and they snuck out to go ice skating. She reminisces before Owen goes back to finish his shift. When he's gone, she tries on several of Carol's costumes before finally settling on one. After Owen finishes work, he goes to get Lily and is surprised at how she looks. She makes a crack about him falling in love with her and he just laughs. They then go to the concert, and Owen is greeted by a guy who says he has a plan to make things right for his lady, since someone screwed her over. Lily wonders who his lady is until Carol runs over and says they need to leave right away. They surprisingly greet each other and Carol asks what she's doing in LA. Lily replies that she needs to talk to her about something major and Carol says they have to do something that can't wait before she can listen and help. They make plans to talk in the car and leave the show. Elsewhere, Lily asks Carol what happened to the BMW CeCe and Rick gave her. Carol explains that she sold it to a guy with an idea for a fanny pack. Lily admits that her life isn't what she described because she said she's making it. Carol says that she is making it and this is what it looks like before you really succeed. She explains that everything is going to change once they get their music video on MTV because that means national exposure. She adds that their band is great and Lily asks why she hasn't given their demo to Rick if the band is so good. Carol says she doesn't want to get her parents involved, then turns up the music to tell Lily quietly not to tell people they come from a wealthy family. Lily asks why and Carol says that money comes with strings attached because people will treat you differently. Lily disagrees and says that people treat you better. Carol accuses her of acting like CeCe and Lily argues that she does because her mom is the only female role model she has since Carol bailed. Owen leans up to the front and says he thinks they're there.

Watch GossipGirl S02E24

"Valley Girls" was viewed live by a relatively small audience of 2.31 million in the United States according to Nielsen Media Research.[14] However, Schwartz notes that "Gossip Girl became the first show that indicated that the way people watch television is changing. You can go on iTunes, every episode is No. 1, ahead of all these bigger shows. The streams are high, the DVR time-shifting number was something like 40%. There's a much bigger audience for the show than the (Nielsen) numbers might indicate."[39]

For 120 episodes, fan watched while the rich kids of the Upper East Side tried to figure out who was exposing all of their secrets as the mysterious Gossip Girl. Those same fans, as well as critics, can rate the episodes on a scale of 1 (the worst) to 10 (the best) stars on the Internet Movie Database. The top rated episodes just might surprise you.

Haseki Ayşe is the historical character, she is the realconsort and haseki of Murad IV and her existence is confirmed and got the mostcredibility from every historians and historical accounts. But in this show,Haseki Ayşe becomes the most underappreciated as a character and her character got theworst written as the villain and the antagonist (I could say she got the worsttreatment and least respect compared to any historical characters from anyhistorical fiction drama and movie I ever watch). HasekiAyşe deserves to be taken seriously, be it as a character and as antagonist inthe show. 041b061a72


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