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Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

Counter-Strike Online 2 Download PC Game [NEW]

Counter-Strike Online 2 (abbreviated as CSO2 or CSOL2) was a multiplayer FPS game developed by Nexon, who licensed the Counter-Strike intellectual property from Valve. The sequel to Counter-Strike Online, Counter-Strike Online 2 ran on a modern version of the Source engine similar to that which Valve had used for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game was online-only, requiring players to connect to a master server operated by the publisher of the game in their region in order to play the game. CSO2 operated using a free-to-play model, with various items being purchasable with real-world money via a microtransaction system.

Counter-Strike Online 2 Download PC Game


Online reviewer MMOhuts gave Counter-Strike Online a 3/5 rating. They noted its similarity to the original game and criticized its lag time outside Southeast Asia, the location of its server hubs.[7] Reviewer NoGameNoTalk was more favorable, touting the online version's new three gaming modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, and zombie) as a welcome improvement to the original.[8] FilePlanet gave it a moderately good review (7.1/10) for gameplay and weaponry availability, yet citing its lag times outside Asia, as well as the game having a dated look and feel to it.[9]

CS Online features a myriad of different game types including the following: classic, GO, Condition Zero, Duel, FFA, Gun Game, Hide and Seek, Meat, Death Run, and AWP. Filter these game types and also see how many players are currently online.

Although the graphics may look dated, the gameplay is still awesome. CS Online brings back all the fun of the original series and lets you connect with gamers from around the world who love this franchise. Jump into a server today and see how many kills you can rack up! DeveloperCounter-Strike is developed by Valve Corporation. This version is a fan-made version.TechnologyThis current game is based on Xash3D FWGS Engine and cs16-client.PlatformWeb BrowserNOTE: the First-time download when joining a room may take longer.

Developer Valve Software has begun accepting purchases for forthcoming title Half-Life 2 on its Steam digital content delivery service, with Counter-Strike: Source being made available immediately to those who buy the game online.

Valve is undoubtedly hoping that by offering early purchase options and incentives such as the Counter-Strike: Source download, it will drive more users to purchase the game from the Steam service - since Steam, operated by Valve directly and cutting out the traditional value chain of publisher and retailer, will realise more profit per sale for the developer than boxed game sales will.

Randy Pitchford: Yes. Condition Zero introduces quite a bit of content and gameplay to Counter-Strike including new weapons, characters, mission types and even new technology to enhance to look and feel of the game. For us, it's very much worth the extra effort to expose the new features to the online version of the game.

Randy Pitchford: The biggest hurdle was to design a single player game that captured the excitement and rapid-pace gameplay that the online version offers. Most single player games put a lone character against an army that is just standing around waiting for the player to show up and defeat them. Counter-Strike does a much better job of centering game play around tactics, action and skill and doesn't burden itself with puzzle solving or maze style exploration. We had to design a single player game that feels in every way like Counter-Strike as far as tactics and action goes, but gives solo players an experience that is actually better than the online game in terms of structure and presentation.

Randy Pitchford: I'm much more concerned about the huge number of off-line game players who are very interested in the subject matter and game play style of Counter-Strike, but do not have the connectivity to play CS as it stands now. Condition Zero is not intended to be a replacement for the online game; it's intended to be a supplement for it. In CZ, you'll be challenged with a purpose and a progression of missions. The plot has meaning and the rewards are fun to get in and of themselves. It's also a great place for us to introduce new technology, new features and new content that online players can experiment with. We have no intention of disrupting the balance of the online game, but we do intend to expose some of the things we're doing to online players should they care to enjoy it.

Randy Pitchford: In Condition Zero players have a much greater sense of purpose. This never really comes across well in the online game. In Condition Zero, failure has greater consequences and success offers greater rewards. As a Counter Terrorist, for example, you're going in there, getting shot at and putting your life on the line in order to save the lives of innocent civilians. Or, play the game from the other side and see how it feels to not be able to protect your squad mates with simple armor vests because failures in previous missions have left you short of funding. These things types of things are new to Condition Zero and really amplify the excitement of the game as well as keep us coming back for more.

Randy Pitchford: There are a number of new mission types and alternate objectives that you must accomplish in every map. In the single player progression, nine out of ten objectives are new - although many are variations of existing themes or tests of specific game skills. Of course, every new map is fully supported for online play with game modes like Hostage Rescue or Bomb Defusing and more.

Randy Pitchford: We're actually adding units to both the Counter Terrorists and the Terrorists. The Russian Spetznaz really helps round out the available theatres of operation for CZ, and on the Terrorist side a new militia extremist will be used in several US domestic missions. In addition to the new characters, we've also added a number of uniforms to our versions of the familiar characters to reflect the environments they engage in. This includes everything from jungle or desert camouflage to full arctic gear. Every single character type gets a different outfit depending on the location of the mission. Also, Condition Zero introduces specific characters that we hope players care about as they invest in their training and bring them along on these dangerous missions. These characters have unique appearances that are distinguishable in their faces and headgear. So, with the addition of the new unit types, the various gear and the unique character appearances, there are over 160 possible combinations of unit, gear and character. It's really cool to see this much variety not only in single player CZ, but in online games as well. 041b061a72


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