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Transition by Iain Banks: How to Download and Read the Epub Files for Free

Transition by Iain Banks: A Review of the Epub Files

If you are looking for a thrilling, thought-provoking and genre-bending novel to read on your e-reader, you might want to check out Transition by Iain Banks. This novel is a masterpiece of science fiction, fantasy, thriller and satire that will keep you hooked from start to finish. In this article, I will review the epub files of Transition, which are one of the best ways to enjoy this novel on your digital device. I will also give you some background information on the author and the novel, as well as some tips on how to read and convert the epub files.

iain banks transition epub files

What is Transition and what is it about?

Transition is a novel by Iain Banks, published in 2009. It tells the story of a secret organization called The Concern, which has the ability to send its agents across parallel worlds using a drug called septus. The agents are tasked with intervening in various situations to make them more favorable for The Concern's interests. However, not everyone agrees with The Concern's methods and motives, and some agents start to rebel against their orders.

The novel follows several characters, such as Temudjin Oh, an assassin who has a crisis of conscience; Madame d'Ortolan, the ruthless leader of The Concern; Adrian Cubbish, a greedy trader who gets involved in a conspiracy; Mrs Mulverhill, a rogue agent who tries to expose The Concern's secrets; and Patient 8262, a mysterious man who narrates his life story from a mental hospital.

The novel explores themes such as identity, morality, free will, power, corruption, reality and fiction. It also incorporates elements from various genres, such as science fiction, fantasy, thriller, spy fiction, satire and historical fiction.

Who is Iain Banks and why is he famous?

Iain Banks was a Scottish writer who was born in 1954 and died in 2013. He wrote both mainstream fiction and science fiction, often using the name Iain M. Banks for his sci-fi works. He was widely acclaimed for his novels, which were known for their originality, complexity, humor and social commentary. Some of his most famous novels include The Wasp Factory (1984), The Crow Road (1992), The Bridge (1986), Complicity (1993), The Player of Games (1988), Use of Weapons (1990) and The Algebraist (2004).

Banks was also a supporter of various causes, such as environmentalism, human rights, Scottish independence and atheism. He was awarded several honors for his literary achievements, such as the British Science Fiction Association Award, the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis and the Hugo Award. He was also named one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945 by The Times.

What are epub files and why are they useful for reading ebooks?

Epub files are a type of digital file format that are designed for reading ebooks. Epub stands for electronic publication, and it is an open and free standard that can be used by anyone. Epub files have several advantages over other file formats, such as:

  • They are compatible with most e-readers, tablets, smartphones and computers.

  • They are flexible and adaptable, meaning that they can adjust to different screen sizes, fonts, layouts and orientations.

  • They are easy to create, edit and convert, using various tools and software.

  • They are lightweight and compact, meaning that they take up less space and bandwidth.

  • They support various features, such as images, audio, video, hyperlinks, metadata and interactivity.

Epub files are therefore one of the best ways to read ebooks, especially if you want to have a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. You can also customize your epub files according to your preferences and needs.

The Plot of Transition

Transition is a novel that has a complex and nonlinear plot, with multiple characters, timelines and worlds. It is not easy to summarize the plot in a few paragraphs, but here is a brief overview of the main events and themes:

A summary of the main characters and events

The novel begins with Patient 8262, who is a man in a mental hospital who claims to be a former agent of The Concern. He tells his life story to his psychiatrist, Dr. Freuchie, who is skeptical of his claims. Patient 8262 says that he was born in a world where the Soviet Union won the Cold War, and that he was recruited by The Concern when he was a teenager. He says that he was trained to use septus, a drug that allows him to travel across parallel worlds. He also says that he had various missions and adventures in different worlds, such as being a spy, a soldier, a lover, a killer and a hero.

The novel then switches to other characters and their stories, such as:

  • Temudjin Oh, who is an assassin for The Concern who starts to question his orders and his loyalty. He is sent to kill Mrs Mulverhill, a rogue agent who has defected from The Concern. However, he falls in love with her and joins her cause.

  • Madame d'Ortolan, who is the leader of The Concern who wants to maintain her power and control. She is ruthless and manipulative, and she has a secret plan to use septus to create a new world order.

  • Adrian Cubbish, who is a trader who makes a fortune by exploiting the financial crisis of 2008. He is contacted by The Concern, who offer him a deal to join them. He accepts the offer, but he soon realizes that he is in over his head.

  • Mrs Mulverhill, who is a former agent of The Concern who has rebelled against Madame d'Ortolan's regime. She wants to expose The Concern's secrets and stop their plan. She recruits other agents to her side, such as Temudjin Oh and Patient 8262.