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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

Where To Buy Gummy Pizza Candy LINK

Don't feel like you could polish off a whole pie? No problem! Opt for a slice of Gummy Pizza instead. This triangular treat is actually almost the same size and has the same flavors as the round pizza, so you'll probably still want to share the slice or savor it over a few different sessions. This take-out slice is another awesome way to devour delicious gummy pizza!

where to buy gummy pizza candy


Chewy gummi cheese, tomatoes, and crust are topped with tasty gummi toppings! Each gummi pizza is packed in its own card board and cellophane box for easy delivery to your mouth. Reheating or microwaving is not recommended for gummy pizzas.

FUN GUMMY CANDY: A super cute pizza box with gummy candies modeled after real pizza toppings and garnishes. SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH: The gummy pizza offers an assortment of fruit candy to enjoy and includes colorful and tasty gummies in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Makes a great novelty gift for pizza lovers. AN EDIBLE ADVENTURE: Yummy novelty candy that not only taste great, but is super fun to eat. Enough for everyone to enjoy!

Sometimes it's hard to get everyone to decide on what pizza to get, but this pizza is loaded with toppings that everyone will enjoy. This GIANT 8-inch Gummy Pizza is DELICIOUS and CHEWY enough to enjoy right down to the crust. A great item to have at your next birthday party, movie night, or candy buffet. Bring this as your dessert item to the next potluck dinner or book club event.

Gummy pizza arrived fast and picture perfect on the hottest day of the year thus far. The good folks at "All City Candy" were thoughtful enough to package the candy with a ice block so that it didn't melt. My 6 year old was very happy when it arrived.

Loads of multi-colored gummies layer this 100% delicious candy pizza. This 4.5'' mini pizza has bright red licorice strings, a gummy fried egg, various blues, pinks and yellows in the shape of fruits and veggies sweet peetz, making it extra scrumptious. Pizza lovers of all ages will rejoice at the sight of this adorable mini pizza take-out box. Talk about amore!

GUMMY PIZZA are the yummiest gummiest jellies that are shaped in the form of a mini pizza pie. Each pizza pie has five small slices that taste like sweet gums. A unique gummy sweet that kids love to eat. It is a sweet jelly that has unique taste to it. The texture is more of a gum than jelly which means it is more rubbery to eat. The rubbery texture is fun to eat because you feel so full in the mouth. You can now buy GUMMY PIZZA 1 unit 24 packs from Bulk Supermarket. Bulk Supermarket is an electronic wholesale online store where you can buy candy in bulk. Enjoy the sweet pizza with GUMMY PIZZA!

Whether you serve them up as dessert on pizza night, eat them whole or slice-by-slice, or save a few in your desk for when a candy craving strikes, your gummy pizza is always just the way you like it - fruity, flavourful and fantastic! Fun for favour bags, gift and treats.

We are a family-owned business based in Chesterton, IN, focusing on delicious candy and unique confections you won't typically find anywhere else. While sweet treats are designed to taste good, we also know they're more than just sugar. The right candy can brighten the best day and make even the worst day a little better. With every candy we make or choose to carry in our store, our goal is to make life a little sweeter.

Doesn't get any more fun and cute! A small Chocolate Pretzel Pizza with mini Chocolate Busting Mallet, a Lil Munchie Bucket of fruity gummy bears, and a Lil Munchie Bucket with the best Malt Balls you will ever eat! Sweet Secrets Gift Box designs may vary.Add a Large Cold Pack if the temperature is over 72 degrees anywhere between Chicago and your order's final destination. Cold Pack is mandatory May through August. 041b061a72


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