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Female Catheters Buy

You will get a prescription for the right catheter for you. Generally your catheter may be about 6 inches (15 centimeters) long, but there are different types and sizes. You can buy catheters at medical supply stores. You will also need small plastic bags and a gel such as K-Y jelly or Surgilube. Do not use Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Your provider can also submit a prescription to a mail order company to have your catheters and supplies delivered directly to your house.

female catheters buy

Most insurance companies will pay for you to use a sterile catheter for each use. Some kinds of catheters are meant to be used only once, but many catheters can be re-used if they are cleaned correctly.

When away from your house, carry a separate plastic bag for storing used catheters. If possible, rinse the catheters before placing them in the bag. When you return home, follow the above steps to clean them thoroughly.

Straight Female Catheter: Considered the original technology, female length straight intermittent catheters are uncoated and must be manually lubricated prior to insertion. Usually, this is done with individual packets of sterile lubricant, although some prefer using the flip-top tubes of lubricant.

Closed System Female Catheter: Closed system female catheters are a convenient option because it is an all-in-one system. The catheter itself is pre-lubricated and sterile inside its self-contained collection bag, which eliminates the need to carry additional lubricant, and many brands also have insertion supplies packaged with it as well, such as sterile gloves, an underpad, and antiseptic wipes. Most closed systems also have a pre-lubricated introducer tip that helps to bypass the majority of bacteria in the first few millimeters of the urethra, which further minimizes the risk of infection.

At Patient Care Medical, we are dedicated to providing women top-of-the-line catheter brands with the latest technology designed for comfort and safety. It is our mission to help you find the right catheter to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. We carry top catheter brands like Coloplast, Bard, Cure, Covatec, LoFric, Hollister. To learn more about the different catheters we offer, call one of our knowledgeable representatives today!

The Self-Cath family of 100% Latex-free catheters offers patients a variety of options for intermittent self-catheterization. Each catheter is made with the highest quality standards dedicated to patient comfort and ease of use. The fire-polished eyelets and siliconized surface allow for smooth insertion. Self-Cath intermittent catheters are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

When it comes to female catheters, there is no universal type, size, or length that will work for every woman. It's important that you speak with your healthcare provider about what type of catheter will work best for your specific needs and condition.

French size refers to the external diameter of the catheter tube. The higher the number, the greater the diameter. Your doctor will help select the right size, but if you ever feel any pain during insertion or experience leakage around your catheter, be sure to let your healthcare professional know. Catheters that are too large may cause friction or pain when inserted, catheters that are too small may cause urine output to be slow or leak while inserted. Most intermittent catheters with drainage funnels will use a color-coding system to indicate the French size. This way, you don't have to worry about using the wrong size catheter by accident.

Bard Ready-To-Use Hydrophilic Female Catheter offers a PVP Hydrophilic coating that is ready to use. The Ready-to-Use Female Catheter comes with heat-polished eyelets. that provides comfort during insertion. Additionally, each 7.5-inch-long BD Hydrophilic Female Catheter has an insertion aid for the no-touch approach, which lowers the risk of urinary tract infections by reducing contamination from your hands. An adhesive hanging sticker is also included on each foil packet for your convenience. The BD catheters are never constructed with DEHP, phthalates, BPA, or natural rubber latex, you can rely on their high quality.

The Self-Cath family of catheters offers a variety of options for intermittent self-catheterisation. The catheters are not made with natural rubber latex. Self-cath catheters have a siliconized surface for smooth insertion. Each catheter is made of flexible medical grade PVC and has smooth fire polished eyelets for patient comfort and ease of use.

Intermittent catheters are used for the technique known as 'intermittent catheterisation'. They are simple tubes with a smooth, rounded tip at the end that is passed into the bladder. On the sides of the catheter near the rounded tip there are small holes (eyelets) that allow urine to enter the catheter.

Intermittent catheters usually have a wider funnel-shaped outer end. This can be connected to a collection bag and also makes it easier to grip and direct the catheter during insertion and urine drainage.

Most intermittent catheters are provided in waterproof, airtight packets. After removal from the packet, some may require a lubricating or anaesthetic gel to be applied before use, while others have their own built-in, water-activated lubricant.

Non-coated catheters These are the traditional intermittent catheter design. To make insertion easier, non-coated catheters can be coated in a lubricant jelly or a local anaesthetic gel before use. This is particularly important for men. Women may choose to use them either with or without a lubricant, or dip them in water for slight lubrication.2

Your choice of catheter may be influenced by the material from which they are made. Most intermittent catheters are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a commonly-used plastic, although catheters are also available in other materials. They are stiff enough to make insertion easier, but pliable enough to pass through the bends in the male urethra. The female urethra is relatively short and straight, and therefore easier to pass a catheter through. Some brands are softer than others e.g. silicone catheters, and you may need to try different brands to find the one that suits you best.

Female Compact catheters (length 7cm) - female compact-size catheters are available, they have been found to be as effective as longer 20cm length catheters and are discreet for carrying.4

Most catheters range in size from 10 Ch to 20 Ch. Size 10Ch or 12Ch is usually suitable for women. Sizes 12Ch, 14Ch or 16Ch is usually suitable for men. Smaller sizes are available for use in paediatrics (e.g. 8Ch).

You may prefer to use a mixture of catheter types, depending on your personal circumstances and lifestyle.6 For example, using catheter sets, which tend to be more expensive, on holiday and standard catheters when at home or near a toilet.

Policy and practice varies around the world with regards to the reuse of intermittent catheters.7 In some countries single-use catheters are the norm, while in many other countries the reuse of catheters, even those licensed for single use, is commonplace.8 Currently there is no convincing evidence that single-use catheters prevent urinary tract infections, urethral trauma or haematuria.3

Although coated catheters should be used only once and then thrown away, around the world many people re-use uncoated PVC or silicone intermittent catheters, washing them after each use and storing them in a clean receptacle. Cornstarch catheters are now available that can be cleaned and re-used for 24 hours.

In the UK most catheters are available on prescription from a family doctor. If you do not have to pay prescription charges this will mean the catheters are free to you. Alternatively, catheters can be obtained free of charge from agencies on behalf of the catheter manufacturer who are then reimbursed by the NHS.

The cost of catheters varies according to the type and which country you live in. If you live in the UK then you will be able to get your catheters prescribed from the family doctor. In some other countries such as the US, depending on your insurance programme, it may be possible to get reimbursement for your catheter costs. Speak to a healthcare professional for local advice in your country.

Supra-pubic catheters are inserted into the bladder via a small cut through the abdomen above the pubic bone (during a small surgical procedure). They are typically used for long-term bladder management, but may in some instances be used in the shorter term after certain types of surgery.

Because of the high risk of complications from indwelling catheters such as urinary tract infection, an indwelling catheter should only be considered when all the other product options have been fully explored.

Men should not use female length catheters as the shorter length risks inflation of the retention balloon inside the urethra rather than the bladder. When inserting a catheter in men it is recommended to insert it to the bifurcation (this is the part furthest from the body where the catheter divides into two channels - one for the urine drainage port and one for the balloon port).12 This helps to ensure that the catheter tip is in the bladder before the balloon is inflated.

Catheters are traditionally measured using Charriere (Ch) or French gauge (FG or FR). The measurement relates to the external diameter of a catheter. The Ch is 3 times the size in millimetres (mm). For example, a Ch 12 would be 4mm in diameter. The internal diameter of the tube, however, varies according to the manufacturing process and is narrower in coated catheters.

The largest size used in routine indwelling catheterisation is usually 16 Ch. However, it may be necessary for medical reasons such as passing blood clots after surgery or debris in the bladder, to use larger catheter sizes and catheters are available up to size 26 Ch/Fr.

Some specialist types of catheter have three channels (three-way catheters). The third channel enables the bladder to be continuously flushed after prostate or bladder surgery to remove blood and clots. 041b061a72


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