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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

[S4E20] Ghost From The Past

In the fourth season, Melinda meets Eli James (Jamie Kennedy) after a fire at Rockland University who, after his own near-death experience, develops the ability to hear ghosts. Melinda says goodbye to her close friend Rick Payne, who leaves Grandview on a research trip for the university. In this season, Jim is shot and killed. He does not "cross over" because he does not want to leave Melinda, and his spirit later enters the body of a man named Sam Lucas, who died in an unrelated accident in Grandview and crossed over. When Jim/Sam regains consciousness, he has no memory of being Jim. Melinda works to get him to remember his past life and her, and succeeds after much difficulty and skepticism on the part of her friends. They soon discover that Melinda is pregnant and that the date of conception was right before Jim died.

[S4E20] Ghost from the Past

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At the end of the season, Ned and Eli find the Book of Changes, a book written by the Watchers (a benevolent group of ghosts who keep watch over the living). The book tells them of past and future prominent dates, such as Andrea and Jim's deaths. One date is listed as September 25, 2009; Melinda's due date. Melinda learns from a Watcher named Carl that her child is destined to not only inherit her gift, but be far more powerful than her. Melinda and Jim decide to remarry and have a small ceremony on a snowy night, on the street where they first met.

A girl swims in a lake and is scared away. It is later discovered that there are many dead bodies in the lake and one of them is the girls' father. Mel and Eli have to figure out what happened to the bodies to stop the ghosts from being so angry and helping them move on, and it has something to do with the owner of the funeral home, who now has cancer and won't take his medication. Sam's fiancé Nikki ends up staying with Mel and spending a lot of time with Sam, which worries Delia, who urges Mel to fight for him. The Watchers return and warn Mel again, and she learns that they chose to stay earthbound to help the living. After his past life regression session with Eli, Sam remembers loving Mel, but he thinks he is remembering Nikki.

Delia asks Sam and Mel to help her chaperone Ned's school dance, and Mel sees a ghost trying to stop a girl leaving with an older boy. She quickly realises the ghost is the girl's mother, and must figure out why she doesn't want the two to be together, with very little help from the ghost herself. Delia and Eli help her. Sam asks Melinda on a date and she accepts, but helping the ghost causes her to miss it, and leads Sam to think she's not ready to date after losing her husband.

After a truck filled with armour-piercing rifles is hijacked, the team works to discover who stole it, and what they have planned for the stolen weapons. A friend from OA's past returns to help with the case, but OA isn't sure he can trust him.

In the Angel season four finale, "Home," Angel acquires an amulet from the ghost of Lilah Morgan so that The First Evil's apocalypse doesn't clash with Wolfram & Hart's. Angel appears in Buffy's final two episodes "End of Days" and "Chosen," giving Buffy the amulet and claiming his love for her. Buffy gives Spike the amulet and he is killed while wearing it. 041b061a72


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