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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas

SAT Power Vocab: A Complete Guide To Vocabulary...

For design, it does two major heretical things that bring most military senior leaders to their knees- when design theory establishes a holistic frame of the ecosystem, it will more often recommend a solution (transformative action) that may involve the military, but not necessarily as the lead or even supporting actor in the equation. Military leaders do NOT want to hear this. This is where design bias occurs within the US Army when anti-design critics state,"after all the chin stroking, those designers just work the military completely out of the cannot tell a General that his military force is not part of the solution to the task at hand." -Quote from a senior leader recently within my travels. This, in my opinion, ties back into Builder (Mask of War), Linn (Echo of Battle), Jullien (Treatise on Efficacy), Wiegley (American Way of War), and Nagl (Learning to Eat Soup...)- the military views itself as the essential tool in the 'instrument of national power' toolbox for this nation in time of crisis. Design offers cognitive synergy of a complex system and may not endorse that worldview because the military is not always the right tool to reach for- even if the senior political leadership instinctively reach for the military anyways.

SAT Power Vocab: A Complete Guide to Vocabulary...



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