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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

공개·회원 10명
Valentine Ponomarev
Valentine Ponomarev

Kaspersky Anti Hacker V1.9.37 64 Bit

China has a history of developing key technologies in its own military. According to remarks by former military officials, the Chinese army was in the lead of earlier generation systems such as the GPS, lasers, and satellites. These advances enhanced military control, communications and reconnaissance. China has been more aggressive in cyber warfare. Its People s Liberation Army has joined with universities and individual hackers to steal intellectual property and data. Chinese hackers have targeted government and defense technology, financial, medical, telecommunications, manufacturing and power companies as well as research institutes in the United States.

Kaspersky Anti Hacker v1.9.37 64 bit

The Chinese military first began operating its own computer security research and development groups in the 1990s, such as its Military Leading Technology Vehicle Group, which is now a part of SASTIND. Hiss research focus seems to have shifted during the past decade, as several university-affiliated groups have been established. The groups appear to be affiliated with Xidian University, which is considered to be the most powerful in China, and the PLAs National University of Defense Technology, both of which are affiliated with the universities military research and development programs. One of the official goals of the networks is to quickly detect, identify, quarantine and remove unknown or undeclared malware. This is attributed to the relatively low levels of computer access and Internet access among the PLA general public. It is also a major component of the PLA s Modern Military, which seeks a reliable hacker alternative to military command-and-control systems in the event that they get compromised by hostile powers.


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