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Download Identity Card 2 Full Mo

Yes. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared Missouri to be fully compliant with the REAL ID Act and regulation in April 2019. With this notification, federal agencies may accept any REAL ID-compliant card issued and continue to accept for official purposes Missouri-issued driver licenses and nondriver ID cards that are not REAL ID-compliant until May 7, 2025.

Download Identity Card 2 Full Mo

The Department is alerting approved patient ID card holders that only Department-licensed dispensaries are legally authorized to sell medical marijuana in the state of Missouri. The Department is committed to ensuring safe access for medical marijuana patients through medical marijuana sales at Department-licensed dispensaries and would like to remind patients and caregivers that products purchased outside of those available at dispensaries are not lawfully purchased and have not been tested to ensure they meet the required safety standards. A list of Department licensed dispensaries are available here. This list is updated regularly. Questions about Department-licensed facilities can be sent to

We make it easy for you to keep track of your benefits. As a DentaQuest member, you can use our secure member portal to check dental benefits, search for dentists, communicate with us and download your ID card 24/7.

When you're out and about, the UnitedHealthcare app helps you access your health plan details, like digital ID cards, network providers, claims and coverage information and more. You can download it on the App Store or on Google Play for free.

Out-of-state applicants must provide their state-issued medical marijuana patient license, an acceptable photo and proof of identity: digital color copies of the front and back of a state-issued driver license or ID card, or a U.S. Passport.

If your REAL ID non-driver ID is lost, stolen, or damaged, you will have to visit a DC DMV service center and provide proof of identity to obtain a replacement non-driver ID. If your lost, stolen, or damaged DC DMV non-driver ID card is NOT either a REAL ID or a Limited Purpose non-driver identification card, you will have to visit a DC DMV service center to upgrade your replacement non-driver card to either a REAL ID or a Limited Purpose identification card.

If you do not currently have a REAL ID or Limited Purpose identification card, you will have to bring documentation that proves your identity, your District residency, and your Social Security status, depending on which type of credential you will get. Links to the documents you must bring to the DC DMV service center are available below for both REAL ID and Limited Purpose IDs:

(5) The Department shall maintain the confidentiality of reports or other information obtained from an applicant or licensee containing any individualized data, information, or records related to the licensee or its operation, including sales information, financial records, tax returns, credit reports, cultivation information, testing results, and security information and plans, or revealing any patient information, or any other records that are exempt from public inspection pursuant to state or federal law. Such reports or other information may be used only for a purpose authorized by this section. Any information released by the department related to patients may be used only be for a purpose authorized by federal law and this section, including verifying that a person who presented a patient identification card to a state or local law enforcement official is lawfully in possession of such card. Beginning December 8, 2022, all public records produced or retained pursuant to this section are subject to the general provisions of the Missouri Sunshine Law, chapter 610. RSMo, or its successor provisions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, records containing proprietary business information obtained from an applicant or licensee shall be closed. For documents submitted on or after December 8. 2022, the applicant or licensee shall label business information it believes to be proprietary prior to submitting it to the department. For documents submitted prior to December 8. 2022, the applicant or licensee may advise the department, through a department approved process, of any records previously submitted bv the applicant or licensee it believes contain proprietary business information. Proprietary business information shall include sales information, financial records, tax returns, credit reports. license applications, cultivation information unrelated to product safety, testing results unrelated to product safety, site security information and plans, and individualized consumer information. The presence of oroorietarv business information shall not justify the closure of public records. (a) identifying the applicant or licensee b) relating to any citation, notice of violation, tax delinquency, or other enforcement(c) relating to any public official's support or opposition relative to any applicant. licensee, or their Droposedor actual operations; (d) where disclosure is reasonably necessary for the protection of public health or safety; (e) that are otherwise subject to public inspection under other applicable law.

(14) The Department may set a limit on the amount of marijuana that may be possessed by or on behalf of each qualifying patient, provided that limit is not less than a sixty day supply of dried, unprocessed marijuana, or its equivalent. A Primary caregiver may possess a separate legal limit for each Qualifying Patient under their care and a separate legal limit for themselves if they are a Qualifying Patient. Qualifying Patients cultivating marijuana for medical use may possess up to a ninety day supply, so long as the supply remains on property under their control. Any such limit shall not apply to a Qualifying Patient with written certification from two independent physicians an independent physician or nurse practitioner that there are compelling reasons for additional amounts. Possession of between the legal limit and up to twice the legal limit shall subject the possessor to Department sanctions, including an administrative penalty of up to two hundred dollars and loss of their patient identification card for up to a year. Purposefully possessing amounts in excess of twice the legal limit shall be punishable by imprisonment of up to one year and a fine of up to two thousand dollars as an infraction under applicable law.

OnlineDepending on your plan, you can select Member ID Card under Account in the main menu after you log in. If it's available, you can print your member ID card from there. Just click on the Download Card button to download and/or print your member ID Card.

For anyone born on or after January 1, 1988, who will be operating a boat in Florida waters with an engine of ten (10) horsepower or more, the law requires them to complete an approved boating safety course and obtain a Florida Boating Safety ID Card. This card is not a boating license, it is a certification that the person named on the card has successfully completed the required boating safety course. The card does not expire. You can find information on how to obtain the card below.


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