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Parker Thomas
Parker Thomas

Learn Legal English with The Lawyer's English Language Coursebook: A Practical and Effective Resource for Lawyers

# The Lawyer's English Language Coursebook: A Comprehensive Guide for Legal Professionals ## Introduction - Explain what the book is and who it is for - Mention the author, publisher and year of publication - Give an overview of the main topics and features of the book ## The Legal Profession - Summarize the first unit of the book, which covers the basics of working in law - Compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities of solicitors and barristers in England - Explain the concept of precedent and how it affects contract law - Describe the process of making a claim in the civil court ## The Language of Contract Law - Summarize the second unit of the book, which covers the essential elements and terminology of contract law - Explain where contract law comes from and how to read a statute and a contract case - Discuss the concepts of offer, acceptance, consideration and breach of contract - Provide examples of contract law in practice and how to start a claim for breach of contract ## The Language of Banking - Summarize the third unit of the book, which covers the vocabulary and skills related to banking and finance - Explain how to open a new bank account and what documents are required - Discuss the types and features of loans and how to apply for them - Provide tips on how to write an email from the bank to a customer ## The Language of Employment Law - Summarize the fourth unit of the book, which covers the key aspects and expressions of employment law - Explain what an employment contract is and what clauses it should include - Discuss the rights and obligations of employers and employees - Provide examples of employment disputes and how to resolve them ## Conclusion - Recap the main points and benefits of the book - Recommend the book to legal professionals who want to improve their English language skills - Provide information on how to purchase or access the book online ## FAQs - Answer some common questions about the book, such as: - Who is the author and what are her qualifications? - How long is the book and how many units does it have? - What level of English is required to use the book? - How can I use the book for self-study or in a classroom setting? - Where can I find more resources or support for learning legal English?

The Lawyer's English Language Coursebook.pdf

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